Thursday 13 for December 6: 13 Things I’d Rather Be Doing Today

Published December 6, 2012 by The Author

Today and tomorrow is going to be stuck writing an incredibly dull freelance project. It’s so boring, I’m sitting right in front of my computer, and I still can’t remember the name of the topic. *sigh* Alas, still better than getting dressed and crawling into an office every day for money. No offence to those who make their living that way! Just that I could never go back to it.

ANYWAY, I’m so cranky today, so this is sort of a cranky Thursday 13.



1. Sleeping — honestly, at this time of year, I could stay in bed all day pretty much every day. I’m exhausted from the busy fall already, and the holiday season doesn’t let up even a little bit. It’s just that I seems to have a lot less energy! This is not my most productive time of year writing-wise, but if I don’t write, I’m broke all winter! Ugh.

2. Eating — There are treats all over the place! We haven’t started making goodies yet at my house, but I know I could go out and GET some, if I wasn’t trapped here trying to work.

3. Decorating — It’s decorating time! We won’t have a tree until this weekend, but there are dozens of things that need doing in the meantime, and I’d definitely rather be doing them.

4. Making Treats – Slightly less fun than eating them.

5. Shopping — I shop online, so I don’t have to worry about the hassle of stores, but I really would like to get it done so I can be sure everything will be here on time. That will all happen this weekend — I HOPE!

6. Reading — My fun AND review lists are out of hand, and by the time I get to bed at night, I can hardly keep my eyes open long enough to get any substantial reading done.

7. Playing with my Cats — Of course, guess what THEY’RE doing? See #1.

8. Sitting in Front of the Fire — Just staring. Or sleeping. All I get to do while I’m working is throw logs on it and get back to work. It’s depressing.

9. Picking out a Tree — See the decorating note earlier. Of course, I have to move all kinds of furniture around and vacuum, etc. first, but honestly, it’s difficult to decorate without a tree. I love marching out onto the tree farm and finding our special guest for the year, and knowing it will become a home for wildlife out in the woods when the holidays are done! (Funny, I’d rather be doing HOUSEHOLD CHORES than writing this piece.)

10. Writing Fiction — I have A MILLION projects going (approximately). I have two rewrites for short stories to finish for submission, no less than four or five to FINISH, a novel and novella, and a list as long as my arm of “What’s up next?”

11. Reading Blogs — A really relaxed day includes hours of just skimming blogs, entering contests, making comments, learning new things and finding new books.

12. Listening to Music — I can’t write with music playing, unfortunately. When I have absolute free time, I like to listen to holiday music and gather up soundtracks for whatever I’m writing at the moment.

13. Snoozing Here in the Comfy Chair — I know this is just a variation on #1, but I am REALLY tired. *sigh*

Anybody know anything about using Wolfram|Alpha for investment advice? Yeah, I don’t blame you for yawning.

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6 comments on “Thursday 13 for December 6: 13 Things I’d Rather Be Doing Today

  • this list totally works for me…:) except the cats (none at my home) so instead, would just change that to my kids and make it my own list of things i would rather be doing…:)
    hope you can start on that list soon ..

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