2013 TBR Reading Challenge with Bookish!

Published December 21, 2012 by The Author

Yeah, I know, I’m already into what, three reading challenges? But honestly, these are books I’d be reading anyway, and… I just couldn’t resist this one: the puppy, the color scheme… SO CUTE! And there are PRIZES! So I’m going for it! besides, there’s nothing that says a lot of these books can’t overlap!

“Welcome to 2012 TBR PILE Reading Challenge!!!

We all have those books. We buy them, win them, they’re gifted to us.. Then we put them up on a bookshelf and there they stay, collecting dust, waiting for the time when we’ll finally decide to pick them up..

Join us on a quest to dust off your TBR Pile and read all the books you’ve been telling yourself you’ll read next time you’ll get a chance.. This is your chance! And we’ve got PRIZES!!! 😀

Challenge Guidelines:

  1. This challenge will run from Jan 1, 2013 – Dec 31, 2013.
  2. Anyone can enter! You don’t have to be a blogger, as long as you review the book you’ve read! (On your blog, Amazon or Goodreads/Shelfari!)
  3. Any genre, length or format of book counts, as long as it is a book that’s been sitting on your shelf for some time now. Only books released in 2012 and earlier! NO  2013 ARCs and 2013 fresh-off-the-press releases allowed!
  4. You can list your books in advance or just put them in a wrap-up post. If you list them, feel free to change them as the mood takes you.
  5. When you sign up in the linky, put the direct link to your post about joining the 2013 TBR PILE Reading Challenge. (If you don’t have a blog, post about it on Facebook or Tweet!)
  6. You can move up levels, but no moving down.
  7. Sign-ups will be open until Dec 15, 2013, so feel free to join at any time throughout the year.
  8. On the 20th of each month one of the hosts will post a wrap-up. Every wrap-up will have it’s unique theme, a mini-challenge, a giveaway and place for you to link up your reviews from this monthFor each review you link up, you will get one entry in a drawing of one book of choice from Book Depository. It’s open to INTERNATIONALS. The giveaway will be open until the next wrap up post goes up! (i.e. the entire month)
  9. If you miss a wrap-up post + giveaway, you can link up your reviews next month. Do not, however, try to link up one review twice – we will be checking 😉
  10. December is a wrap-up for the whole year. All the book reviews you linked up January-November + the ones you’ll link up in December will be entered into a HUGE giveaway – a box of books.
  11. You don’t have to follow all the hosts to join the challenge, but you do have to follow all of us to be entered in giveaways!

(how many books you’re planning to read for this challenge in 2013)

1-10 – A Firm Handshake
11-20 – A Friendly Hug
21-30 – A Sweet Kiss
31-40 – Love At First Sight
41-50 – Married With Children – I’m going for THE BIG PRIZE, baby!


January 20th: Evie @Bookish (www.evie-bookish.blogspot.com)

February 20th: Rachel @Fiktshun (http://www.fiktshun.com)

March 20th: Justin @Justin’s Book Blog (http://www.justinsbookblog.com/)

April 20th: Tiffany @Escaping.. One Book At A Time (http://escapingonebookatatime.blogspot.com/)

May 20th: Bonnie @Words At Home (www.wordsathome.ca/)

June 20th: Justin @Justin’s Book Blog (http://www.justinsbookblog.com/)

July 20th: Emily @Doodle’s Book Blog (doodlesbookblog.blogspot.com/)

August 20th: Tiffany @Escaping One Book At A Time (http://escapingonebookatatime.blogspot.com/)

September 20th: Rachel @Fiktshun (http://www.fiktshun.com)

October 20th: Emily @Doodle’s Book Blog (doodlesbookblog.blogspot.com/)

November 20th: Bonnie @Words At Home (www.wordsathome.ca/)

December 20th: This one will be posted on all the blogs. There will also be a huge BOX OF BOOKS giveaway and this time you can link up ALL YOUR TBR Pile REVIEWS you wrote for the entire year!”


I’m going for the BIG PRIZE, boys and girls! FIFTY reads MARRIED WITH CHILDREN! Which is actually not that bad,considering my goal this year is 75 BOOKS altogether. I did 50 without much problem this year, so I am REALLY challenging myself. There are still a bunch of UF and PNR series I haven’t even touched yet, so that is going to make things a lot easier.

1.Into the Woods: Tales from the Hollows and Beyond 2. Shadow of Night (All Souls Trilogy, #2) 3. The Twelve (Hardcover) 4.Fang Girl 5. Retrieved (The Shapeshifters' Library, #2) 6. Gone Girl 7. Falcon's Angel 8. Fledgling

Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews

9. Dark and Stormy Knights 10.Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, #1) 11. Magic Burns (Kate Daniels, #2) 12. Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels... 13. Magic Mourns (Kate Daniels,... 14. Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels,... 15. Magic Dreams (Kate Daniels,... 16. Magic Slays (Kate Daniels, #5) 17.An Apple for the Creature 18. Magic Gifts (Kate Daniels, ...

19. Gunmetal Magic (Kate Daniel... 20.  Curran  (Curran POV, #1) 21. Fathers and Sons (Curran PO... 22. Curran #3 (Curran POV, #3) 23. Magic Strikes Hot Tub Scene...

The Edge Series by Ilona Andrews

24. On the Edge (The Edge, #1) 25 Bayou Moon (The Edge, #2) 26.  Fate's Edge (The Edge, #3)

Kismet Knight, Ph.D., Vampire Psychologist series

27. The Vampire Shrink (Kismet Knight, Ph.D., Vampire Psychologist #1) 28. Until Death Do Us Part 29. Devereux: The Night Before ... 30. Blood Therapy (Kismet Knigh... 31. Dark Harvest (Kismet Knight...

The Cut & Run Series by Abigail Roux and Madeleine Urban

32. Cut & Run (Cut & Run #1) 33. Sticks & Stones (Cut & Run,... 34. Fish & Chips (Cut & Run, #3) 35. Divide & Conquer (Cut & Run... 36. Armed & Dangerous (Cut & Ru... 37. Stars & Stripes (Cut & Run,... 38. Dine & Dash (Cut & Run, 5.5)39. Touch & Geaux (Cut & Run #7)

The Condor One Series by John Simpson

40. Condor One (Condor, #1) 41. Talons of the Condor (Condo... 42. Condor and Falcon (Condor, #3) 43. Out of the Gilded Cage (Con... 44. Condor and the Crown (Condo...

The Chicagoland Vampires Series by Chloe Neil

45. Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires, #1) 46. Friday Night Bites (Chicago... 47. Twice Bitten (Chicagoland V... 48. Hard Bitten (Chicagoland Va... 49.Drink Deep (Chicagoland Vam... 50. Biting Cold (Chicagoland Va... 51. House Rules (Chicagoland Va... 52. Biting Bad (Chicagoland Vam...

The Nathaniel Cade Series by Christopher Farnsworth

53. Blood Oath (Nathaniel Cade #1) 54. The President's Vampire (Na... 55. Red, White, and Blood (Nath...

I know I went over by 5, but these are all things I’m DYING to read, and having them spelled out like this will really help. Eventually I’m going to sit down and consolidate all of the books I plan I reading for my challenges in 2013. But that day is not today. I’m trying to get as much rest as I can during my days off, because I have a blog tour coming up starting next week! Right now I’m barely blogging and reading my email. I don’t know why this happens every holiday season — I get sick AND burned out. It never fails! *sigh*

But I AM going to do my darndest to make my mom cheerful and make cookies tonight — so I hope everyone gets to find some holiday cheer, no matter what the weather is doing outside (it’s RAINING here!)


<—-@Books Read@—->

January 2013:

1. Falcon’s Angel by Danita Minnis

2. Retrieved by Amber Polo

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