SQUEEEE! No, I mean really. SQUEEEE!

Published December 27, 2012 by The Author

So, you may be aware that I’m a Kim Harrison FREAK. Rachel Morgan is my girl, and I cried so hard when Kisten died I spent the afternoon in bed. Well, I’ve been reading the free chapters Kim and her publisher have been teasing us with on her blog and website (I’ll post the link to chapter 1 & 2 after I’m done squeeing) and ITCHING for the January 2013 release of the next entry, EVER AFTER! She’s one of the few authors that happens with. So just for the heck of it, I applied to the publisher/PR company to get an advanced copy for review. I never believed they’d approve me, I mean, I just write little blurbs with batty little full moons for ratings, and I’m as much a fangirl as any kind of reviewer.

GUESS WHAT! I JUST GOT THE EMAIL FROM THEM APPROVING ME TO REVIEW EVER AFTER!!!!! SQUEEEE! OMG! *jumps up and down metaphorically* I’M SO HAPPY! I can hardly finish my work — I want to go read it RIGHT NOW!

Patience, grasshopper. *takes deep, cleansing breathe, lets it out*

I’m not trying to be all braggy — I’m just so excited, and I HAD TO SHARE IT WITH YOU GUYS! So be on the lookout for my review of Kim Harrison’s EVER AFTER… probably tomorrow or the next day. LOL

Follow the links below for Chapters 1 & 2!



Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do the Thursday 13 AGAIN. *sigh* I miss my girls and our random lists of 13 things!

4 comments on “SQUEEEE! No, I mean really. SQUEEEE!

  • OMG! You lucky, lucky girl. I was feeling all fan girl because I won an autographed copy of Pale Demon, but DAMN! You Go Girl! Congrats! And please don’t give us too many spoilery moments. Just sigh and gush over how awesome the book was! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Oh, no way! I’m dying to get my hands on an autographed copy of one of her books — preferably in person. But alas, she never comes near me! I’m definitely feeling lucky for this honor, and it’s REALLY good so far! But I’m also nervous about writing the review, because I want to do it justice!

      Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to hold back any spoilers!

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