Thursday 13 for January 3, 2013! Happy New Year!

Published January 3, 2013 by The Author

After a long break, I’m finally back to Thursday 13. I miss doing this every week, just something random that’s fun and I can share with friends!

The first 13 for the new year is: THIRTEEN  WRITING THINGS I’M PLANNING FOR THE NEW YEAR! I know, creative, right? 😀

1. Write a number of short stories I have planned.

2. Consider submissions to the Big Houses

3. Consider… an agent?


5. Plan and begin a new UF series I’ve been working on

6. Finish and submit ADIRONDACK SHIFT

7. Plan and begin a dark, multiple-book series from my SOOPER SEKRIT KINKY ALTER EGO I’ve been considering

8. Write more in the SHADOWS series by my SOOPER SEKRIT KINKY ALTER EGO

9. Write another VEIL novel

10. Write another THE GUARDIANS story

11. Write fiction every day

12. Consider rewriting two old manuscripts and submitting

13. Get to know more readers and writers without oversheduling myself as I did last year!

There are always a million things I want to do with my writing, but I know I can’t do them all. I’ll be happy with a few sales, a release or two. Just to say I grew, I moved forward, and most of all, that I had fun! Because if it’s not fun, for me, it’s a waste of time.

What are you planning for your writing (or reading, or blogging, or whatever you love) for 2013?

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Follow along on the IF WISHES WERE SHADOWS Blog Tour, which continues tomorrow — also with amazing and kinky grand prizes, interviews with me, and a special guest blog post on Monday about the state of vampiredom in fiction post-TWILIGHT glut!

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