Published January 16, 2013 by The Author

This post is so beautiful to me — it just goes to remind you that your favorite authors, your heroes, are people too. They struggle, they work, they worry about their literary babies, and hope that their readers enjoy their hard work. It’s easy for us as readers and aspiring writers to forget that. We feel so entitled to their products, like they owe us something, when they’re just writers who managed to become popular by hook or by crook or just plain sweat of their brow.

I already read this book for review, but I can’t wait to read the final copy again!

Kim Harrison

Holy cow, I’ve got boxes on my doorstep! Big beautiful boxes with gloriously gold and black books in them with my name on it. (big grin)

It doesn’t get much better than that, the knowing that they’re wanted, eagerly waited for. I’m not so far away from that person who used to send manuscripts to people in NY who really didn’t want them, hoping when I stuck stamps on them and sent them off that someone would see what I was trying to say and help me to say it better.

There’s a peace now where hope used to dominate, even as I still strive to write the next book with even more finesse–a calming satisfaction that will carry me through the next few weeks when I step outside my comfort zone and be an ambassador of sorts to something I believe in. But I’d never be able to do…

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