Batty Book Review FALCON’S ANGEL (Cardiff #1) by Danita Minnis!

Published January 18, 2013 by The Author

Falcon's Angel by Danita MinnisBook Title: Falcon’s Angel

ISBN: 978-1-59578-942-6

Author: Danita Minnis

Series: Cardiff #1

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Category: M/F, Contemporary, Historical, Suspense, Occult

Main Characters: Falcon/Angelina

Author’s Website:

BUY IT LINKS: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Liquid Silver

Source: Author for an honest review about the piece.

Rating: 4-full-moons 4 FULL MOONS!


Angelina’s passion is music but she has never felt this kind of want before.

Falcon wants the Stradivarius in her possession and goes undercover to track down a thief. He soon discovers he is not the only killer in search of the violin.

il Dragone, a devil-worshiping cult, wants revenge for a past only they can remember. Falling in love was never part of Falcon’s plan but before he can have what he wants, he must help Angelina unlock the secrets of a love, which ended in tragedy in Eighteenth Century France.

This is one special assignment that must be completed before il Dragone gets what they want.

Heather’s Review:

I really loved this book. It was so far out of my usual reading area in every way, if I hadn’t caught a teaser when the wonderful Danita was on a blog tour, I don’t know if I ever would have had the interest in reading it (or met her!). But Danita was kind enough to give me a copy (after a little whining and begging on my part — she’s so nice) and I’m so glad I got to read it.

This is the kind of book that’s like chicken soup or a bowl of your favorite ice cream Maybe something you thought you grew out of a long time ago, but… then the story draws you in, and it’s so comfortable and wonderful that a night curled up with it can cure even the most stressful day. FALCON’S ANGEL is old-fashioned in the best kind of way: the story, the characters, the conflicts. Yet while they’re elements we’ve all seen before and might not seek out nearly enough anymore — you’re really missing out if we don’t try out a big helping of FALCON’S ANGEL.

I can’t explain exactly what took me away in this story. It’s not paranormal in the usual sense, though it has a thread of occult mystery, the steam level is fairly tame compared to my usual preferred height, the heroine isn’t as kick ass as I prefer. And yet, somehow… I was just charmed throughout. Angelina was sweet and naive, but not TSTL or annoying most of the time. I felt for her as she learned difficult lessons about life and the world. Falcon might have been too good to be true… and yet I just enjoyed his uber-macho male company. I think I just have to credit Ms. Minnis’ simple, poetic writing style in transporting me through a story that might have lost me very early on. As we learn more about the characters pasts, we understand a lot more about who they are now.

The setting of the story certainly doesn’t push you away. Europe comes to life in Ms. Minnis’ world, and all the romance it entails. The twists as the story progresses only pull you in deeper, and the mysteries of the old world setting certainly don’t hurt.

I think my only complaints might be that Angelina’s and some of the other characterizations were a little uneven. One minute Angelina seems to be developing into a strong young woman, the next she reverts to what seems like a very young teenager. I think that might just be something Ms. Minnis will learn to balance out in the future — it’s really just a matter of practice, and it’s not uncommon to find this kind of flaw in a first novel. The same is true of some of the pacing problems… there are some slow spots in the story, and areas where it feels like major backstory is missing both for characters and the current situation. Most of it is filled in eventually, but the reader can feel a little lost at times in the beginning. The historical section can get very complicated and twisted if you don’t pay close attention to how things develop — but I’m not even sure that’s a negative, as opposed to just my being lazy!

This may all sound like damning with faint praise, but I really did like this book a lot. I looked forward to getting into bed at night with it and seeing how it would unfold next, what would happen with our heroine and hero in the end. I certainly look forward to seeing what happens next in the Cardiff Novels, and where Ms. Minnis takes her career!


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