Kim Harrison SMORGASBORD! And the latest on DIE FOR YOU

Published January 18, 2013 by The Author

Although… that may not be the best choice of words. I don’t know, I’m squishy in the brain today, I don’t have the energy to find another one.

Only FOUR DAYS until the release of EVER AFTER! I’m so jealous of all of you who are getting a signed copy, or even better, going to a signing event and meeting her! *sigh* I would love to order a personalized copy, but I just don’t have the means right now — you know how the writer’s life goes. Food or signed books? (Believe me, there was a debate there.)

BUT STILL. When I get some cash, I’m going to get my greedy little hands on a copy, signed or not, so I can read it again — I did my review on an advanced copy, and I know Kim said in her blog that there are always a lot of changes between ARC and final, so… I need to see what’s changed!

In preparation for EVER AFTER‘s release, there’s all kinds of stuff going on in Kim’s world!

* A VERY interesting interview at LitStack about EVERY AFTER and what comes after The Hollows is over (*SOB*). CAUTION: THERE IS A *MAJOR* SPOILER AT THE END OF THIS INTERVIEW! I don’t know how they thought it was okay to print that.

* How about FIVE AND A HALF CHAPTERS to read before the book is released? We’ve already had 1-3. Now Harper has 1-6 up HERE.

There’s a reason why they call it a TEASER.


On the home front, I saw the first rough-rough-ROUGHS for the cover of DIE FOR YOU. Yummy! I wish I could share, but I probably can’t until we work out the kinks. The thing I care about most is the SEXY vampire on the cover. So far we’ve been working on color scheme — it was so hard to choose how I wanted Jensen captured physically forever! I had to really bring him to life in my mind… he’s “pale,” of course, but what does that mean? Seeing the cover model, my artist gave me some choices: pale like, just nicely flesh-colored, but a little pale? A touch greenish dead looking? A bit of undead blue? Or a REALLY dramatic white-blue pale, with piercing eyes and flushed cheeks?

It was a difficult decision, because I could see Jensen as all of those things. Of course, I was first drawn to the most dramatic cover, as that’s what would draw me in, but… that’s just not Jensen. Especially after feeding, he almost looks normal. While he does have that blue-pale thing going on the rest of the time, the cover with the pale flesh tone and the piercing brown eyes really captures him the best.

So we’ll see what happens next! I love the production process of a book, it’s fun! Until, you know, you’re at about pass five of the editing process, and it’s getting to the point where you never want to look at the story again. You recover after a break from one another, but it can really be a pain!

Not that I would train a moment of it for ANYTHING!

Okay! Off to do my next book review! Have a great night, and don’t miss any of the other great things going on here at Bloodthirsty Muses today!

* A Review of the great romance novel FALCON’S ANGEL, and an interview with its author, Danita Morris!

* A Promo spot for Caris Roane’s GATES OF RAPTURE!

* Don’t forget, there’s only 2 more days left to enter the VAMPIRE vs. WEREWOLF HOP! Choose your team, neither, or both, and get a special prize for each one!


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