Thursday 13 for January 24, 2013: 13 Facts about Gage and Jensen from my next release!

Published January 24, 2013 by The Author

Actually, it’s technically A. Sangrey Black’s next release, a scary, steamy, yet still sweet m/m paranormal short called DIE FOR YOU, due for a tentative release date of March 15, 2013 from MLR Press!


Thursday 13 in a Dark Alley! *G*

1. Gage has never been comfortable with emotion — his or anyone else’s. He tends to be a solitary guy except for short-term physical relationships. Until he meets Jensen. And while he’s in deep for his vampire partner, he’s never quite been sure if those emotions are natural, or if they at least come in part from Jensen’s vampire wiles.

2. Jensen was born in a gold rush town in California in the 19th century. He was a genuine down-home, momma-loving, church-going sherif when he was human, and that particular set of personality traits has never left him in the 120-something years since. He’s very Superman-like — dedicated to doing the right thing, no matter the cost to himself. And kind of a goody-goody, for a vampire.

3. Gage and Jensen are Detectives in a special police unit in Northbrook, Maryland. The city has a ghetto in the south end where non-human “monsters” make their home, and the Northbrook PD has specialized officers who deal with crime in that part of town. Gage and Jensen are “Undertown Unit Liaisons” — while they deal directly with arresting non-human criminals and criminals victimizing those who live in Undertown, they are also the bridge between non-humans living in Undertown and the human government and services that serve it.

4. Gage and Jensen are about as Odd Couple as you can get, and not just their species. It’s one of the things I love most about writing them. Gage is gruff and rough around the edges, swears a lot, tends to think things through before he acts but says what he means (unless it’s personal). Jensen keeps his thoughts to himself, yet often asks rashly to help others. He tends to be smooth and cool under pressure and with physical movement. He’s deeply spiritual/religious, although Gage has never been sure what kind of religion he practices. Jensen gets very upset with Gage’s foul language, and especially when the mostly atheist Gage takes God’s name in vain. In short, Gage is a rough guy’s guy, and Jensen is sophisticated and elegant, yet humble and earnest.

5. Jensen was a U.S. Marshall for decades until “Underkin” beings slowly came out and integrated into human society, and it became clear that both sides needed protection from one another for various reasons. He felt it was his duty to become part of the solution, and moved to Northbrook, Maryland, one of the largest concentrations of Underkin living among humans, and became part of their “progressive” community program.

6. Vampires in the DIE FOR YOU universe drop dead just after sunrise and can’t be moved until the sun has fully set except in the most dire of emergencies that threaten them. They can also be poisoned through their blood source, but they have an… interesting natural defense against that poison that you’ll have to read the story to discover! Blech.

7. Underkin are badly discriminated against, even those who aren’t dangerous. Although Jensen is a cop, he still has to go to a certain kind of hospital to get the medical treatment he needs (he’s not indestructible!). Even other cops might not hurry to back him up if he was in danger, especially if he’s working in Undertown.

8. Gage ended up in the Undertown unit as a punishment because of his big mouth (yeah, he’s one of THOSE cops). He had the same kinds of prejudices against “the monsters” as most humans. But the moment he laid eyes on Detective Jensen Holm, super-hot vampire cop, he was done for. He took the assignment, and has done his best at it since. He’s learned a lot about how Underkin can be as good or as evil as human beings can be.

9. It takes a near un-death experience for Gage to finally face the feelings he’s been repressing for the entire 6 months he and Jensen have been partners. The only question is: does Jen feel the same way? (Of course if Jen does, then they have to deal with all of the other issues: should partners be lovers? Can humans and vampires make it work? Will Jen get Gage to church–or at least to stop swearing?)

10. Gage’s most precious possession is his Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 monster muscle car. He calls it his Baby. Jensen doesn’t believe in having “precious” possessions. Only living things are precious.

11. Jensen is an eclectic art collector — he likes to keep artistic mementos of time periods through which he’s lived, art he feels reflects his own experiences and emotions, and curious that just catch his eye. He has such great taste, however, that he manages to make his home look like a comfortable museum.

12. Vampire/human relationships are tricky and complicated in this universe. Vampires have abilities that are meant to help them draw in prey that can make it unclear whether a relationship is “real” or just part of the pheromones, mind-control, or venom vampires use even without purposeful intention. Most vampires prefer humans as feeders or sexual companions, but seek deeper relationships among their own kind or others who aren’t affected by their powers.

13. I hope to delve deeper into these two great characters: their lives, their jobs, and most especially, their love story!

Stay tuned for DIE FOR YOU, coming soon from my SOOPER SEEKRIT KINKY ALTER EGO, A. Sangrey Black and MLR PRESS!

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10 comments on “Thursday 13 for January 24, 2013: 13 Facts about Gage and Jensen from my next release!

  • It sounds as though you’ve put a lot of work into the worldbuilding (and character development) for this project! I’m sure you’ll make many sales with this, too. Or, rather, your “sooper sekrit kinky alter ego” will. 😉

    • Thank you, Stephanie! Of course, I unabashedly stole the name from Jensen Ackles, but it just so happened to come from the right time period of the character’ s human time period.
      I love when things work out that way!

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