Batty Book Review! RETRIEVED (The Shapeshifters’ Library #2) by Amber Polo

Published January 27, 2013 by The Author

Book Title: Retrieved

ISBN: 0985774800

Author: Amber Polo

Series: The Shapeshifters’ Library #2

Publisher: Blue Merle Publishing

Category: Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance

Author’s Website:

Sales Links: Amazon| B&NPowell’s | IndieBound

Source: eBook copy provided by the author because she’s so nice and I stalked her about loving the first book so much. I promised to give an honest review in exchange.

Rating:  4.5-full-moons   4.5 FULL MOONS


Dog-shifters once again face the book-burning werewolves of Shipsfeather in this charming second installment of The Shapeshifters’ Library series.

Godiva Anglesey, Chocolate Labrador, and the ruggedly handsome English Mastiff Cynerik are forced to team up against power-hungry werewolves when Cynerik discovers an ancient Ohio mound that may hold answers to their shifter history. Knowing the mound’s secrets could benefit the dog-shifters in the ongoing contest for power, ambitious werewolf pack Alpha Sybilla challenges timid Godiva to a battle for the territory. Already faced with a malicious book-worm infestation and a censorship threat to ban all anthropomorphic books in her library, Godiva, who has no interest in battling anyone, must turn from running her small town library to train for a challenge she believes she has no chance of winning. Just when things couldn’t get any worse, Godiva’s mother announces that family tradition dictates that Godiva must be married by Summer Solstice… to a Druid. Godiva doesn’t even know any Druids.

Godiva wants to run her library, retrieve books for library patrons, and keep people happy. She’s no hero. She doesn’t have what it takes to face down werewolves or save the world. Cynerik, however, believes differently. Together they must defeat the werewolves, save the town and its library, protect the most important archeological discovery in dog-shifter history… and, just maybe, find love along the way.

Heather’s Review:

Another wonderful trip into the wild world of Shipsfeather, where the dogs are also people, and the werewolves’ raison d’etre is to burn all the books in the world. After so much of the town’s mess was cleaned up by Liberty and Chronus in RELEASED, you would think the dog-shifters could take a minute to relax and roll in the dirt, celebrating their victory, right?

Um, wrong. The werewolves are absolutely dedicated to their mission of destroying the dog-shifters and taking back control of Shipsfeather, and they’ll do anything to do it now that Sybilla is running the werewolf pack. She’s cleaned house among the werewolves, and brought in vicious outsiders to help her get things done her way. Poor Diva just wants to run her library, finally catch snobby Griswald’s eye, and eat some chocolate. But thanks to Sybilla, it’s  just one thing after another piling on her shoulders. Luckily, she has the rest of the librarians and dog-shifters to back her up, especially Cynerik, who I adore.

I raved and raved about this universe after I read the first book — it’s such a creative, wonderous place to be, full of intrigue and danger without being too violent and gritty. There are creatures here both admirable and terrifying. I love the mythology of both the weres and the dog-shifters that Ms. Polo created for them. I want to know more about how the dog-shifters molded and guarded civilization and knowledge!

This was another great read! Full of moments clever, sweet, and full of nail-biting fear, and yet it still remains something that almost any age reader could read. While I missed Liberty and Chronus (they’re off on their honeymoon!) I learned to love Diva and Cynerik just as much. I loved Diva’s family and their story. All of the characters we met in the last book get more depth (and maybe a few other surprises!) in this book.

There’s so much going on here, so much sweetness, action, suspense and fun, I was disappointed when it was over. *sigh*

Many thanks to Ms. Polo for providing a copy of this wonderful book for review! I can’t wait until the next installment!


OOOO – Four Full Moons: I REALLY liked this. Well worth reading, and possibly re-reading!
OOO – Three Full Moons: Good! Worth a read.
OO – Two Full Moons: Not really to my taste, but not terrible.
O – One Full Moon: Has serious flaws that make it difficult to read and review fairly.

I also use half-moons as necessary. I should make it clear that I do review books on a number of levels, emotional and structural being the major ones. I might read a book with serious grammar and spelling flaws, but it could still win my heart due to characterization or story. Or a perfectly structured novel might leave me feeling nothing, and won’t get a great review. I DO always try to find something positive to say about a book, or I won’t say anything much at all. I DO NOT engage in mean-spirited snark, although I do give constructive criticism. As a writer, I can’t stand the former, and always appreciate the latter, even if it’s “negative.”

Hope this makes sense. Any questions, comments, or vague misgivings are welcome in the comments!

2 comments on “Batty Book Review! RETRIEVED (The Shapeshifters’ Library #2) by Amber Polo

    • Oh, you should. It’s such an interesting mix of sweet and suspenseful. If you can imagine shapeshifter fantasy without the usual grit and grimness, you’ve got this series. You just fall in love with the whole world. I can’t recommend it enough! And Ms. Polo is just the loveliest person — and no surprise, a huge dog lover. 😉

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