Camp NaNo July 2013 – Day 1!

Published July 1, 2013 by The Author

And I didn’t write a thing but what you see here. Excuses:

1. Forgot all about it until this afternoon!

2. Once I did remember, had to decide what I was going to work on.

3. When I decided on a project, had so many technical difficulties, I got completely sick and stressed out. Bad day all around for my imaginary friends! I’m signed up for the ride, and I’ll be getting on tomorrow!

Heh. That came out dirtier than I meant.


I´m taking a swing at my alternative alter ego’s next piece, which is a BIG, BIG departure for me/her/us. It’s a gay biker contemporary without a vampire in sight! At the same time, I’ll be chipping away at other projects (including some good, old-fashioned kinky het vampire action, and doing promo for A. Sangrey Black’s m/m paranormal, DIE FOR YOU. Be on the lookout over at Sangrey’s blog for fun, games,and giveaways!

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