Top 5 Sundays: Movies I’m dying for in 2014!

Published February 9, 2014 by The Author

Taking a break from working on my review of VAMPIRE MOST WANTED and work on my novel (and maybe a short story taking root? Dammit.) to do something to wash out the mind palate!

Top 5 Sundays 2014Keep in mind, I RARELY go to the movies anymore — it takes something really hardcore to drag me to an uncomfortable theater where I have to pay a hundred dollars for snacks and listen to idiot kids giggle on their cell phones through the entire movie… wow, I really am a grumpy old lady. LOL. I prefer watching movies at home, even if that means I have to wait awhile. But just to play the game, I’ll list movies that MAYBE would get me out to the theater.

1. Veronica Mars — I loved first two seasons of the show, and it would be really cool to see what’s happened to the characters.

2. The Lego Movie — I’m sorry, but EVERYTHING ABOUT THAT MOVIE IS AWESOME! LOL. The commercials crack me up every time.

3. Winter’s Tale — Colin Farrell. Magickal realism. Romance. Angst. All I need. Don’t forget the tissues!

4. Muppets Most Wanted — AIN’T GOT NO ROOM FOR BORING! (I love you Animal.)

5. The Boxtrolls — I am a freak for stop-action animation, and it’s a nearly dead art form. The commercials make me so happy, I really have to go see this one.

I’m sure there are others I want to see (I only got to September on the list), but those are the one that really hooked my imagination.

What are you DYING to see in 2014?


3 comments on “Top 5 Sundays: Movies I’m dying for in 2014!

  • OMG VERONICA MARS!!! I can’t wait for it! I love that the whole cast came back for the movie. But I hate to tell you I’ve heard some bad reviews of the LEGO Movie. But who knows? They could be wrong:-)

    • Aw, that sucks. But I never listen to critics (sometimes to my dismay. *G*)

      EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! I’m going anyway. LOL

      I cannot WAIT to see the Veronica crew. Would it make me weird to say my favorite part is that everybody returns to find out if Logan actually committed murder? I CAN’T HELP IT. I LOVES ME SOME LOGAN.

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