*Steps Out of the Rabbit Hole* and Outlanderyammer

Published September 25, 2014 by The Author

Hello, followers and other sorts of readers! Long time no see! Mostly because I haven’t had a lot of news for the last year or so. I’ve been buried in “real life,” doing freelance work, traveling, being ill, and assorted other non-fiction-related annoyances that insist on interrupting.

I realized that followers might be getting mixed up, and receiving posts both from this blog and my Outlander Geek blog, Outlander Yammer. I simply had to start that blog, because the Outlander series are my FAVORITE books of all time, and seeing them brought to screen by such an amazing cast and crew (with the help of their original creatrix, Diana Gabaldon) has been a singular pleasure I never could have imagined.


So if you joined to follow my Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/General Book Flailing and have been getting Outlander Yammer, sorry! I’m not quite sure how to fix it. I will definitely still be posting there during the show’s hiatus starting next week and DRAGGING ON AND ON FOREVER into next year.

If you haven’t seen it yet, have any interest in Scotland or Scotland-based love stories, YOU MUST SEE THIS SHOW. Even if you never picked up the books because they are just TOO monstrous for your taste. This is seriously the greatest romance story ever told, about the most amazing marriage in literature, imo.

I’m back with a purpose, beyond pimping my new favorite TV show. Hopefully. I’m starting to write again, and hopefully the urge won’t run out so fast this time, and I won’t get buried under bills, requiring that I take MORE freelance jobs! Of course, the holidays are coming, and I do really need the cash… *sigh* The lament of the distracted fiction writer, eh?

I do have plans to do NaNoWriMo and produce at least a Shite First Draft for my new novel, and after that, finish two that I’ve had languishing. I MAY have an A. Sangrey Black M/M romance in the works, but nothing solid yet. Cross your fingers if that’s your kind of story!

So that’s it for now. WATCH OUTLANDER! *runs away*

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