Keeping in Theme With My Previous Rant, I Introduce: SUCK SHAMING.

Published August 4, 2015 by The Author

This is going to be about so-called journalists and other professional writers who we count on to report the news every day. I’m not going to come after anyone’s personal blog, fiction, or other writing. Just the “Big Boys and Girls” who you expect to be held to a higher standard. When I run across one that yanked me out of my reading, I’ll share it with you.

From The Washington Post, Aug. 4

“Within hours, the photo had gone viral on the Internet as commenters compared the incident to other recent police controversies also captured on camera, particularly the Nov. 22, 2014 of Tamir Rice by Cleveland police.”

Can anybody find the EGREGIOUS error in that sentence? Setting aside the fact that it borders on run-on.

Now, the author, Michael E. Miller, is a cute ginger, and I feel a little bad for criticizing… wait, NO I DON’T! Dude! “…The Nov. 22, 2014” WHAT “of Tamir Rice?”

I see at least ONE OR TWO examples of this EVERY DAY. IT MAKES ME NUTS! Am I an over-sensitive grammar fascist? Well, no, not exactly. Most little things I let go. But things like this that force me out of the narrative MAKE ME INSANE.

So, Mr. Miller and The Washington Post, you are today’s recipients of my SUCK SHAMING!


So what are you guys up to? I’m trapped in freelance hell trying to expand a barely 1000 word piece into 2700 WORDS. Most of the papers I wrote in GRAD SCHOOL weren’t 2700 words. The difficulty is the BRUTALLY BORING topic, about which I can’t find enough information to fill 2700 words. Even if I cut and pasted every article I’ve found about this topic so far, I still wouldn’t get 2700 words.

It’s due tomorrow. And not nearly worth what I’m getting paid for it. DAMN YOU, FREELANCE GODS! *shakes fist*

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