Suck Shaming!

Published August 5, 2015 by The Author

Okay, I know I said I wasn’t going to complain about fiction, but… this just pushed me over the edge. I won’t mention the specific book this came from, just the SPELLING CRIME that came from it. I have to assume this book is self-published (there’s nothing wrong with that, I’ve done it myself), because no editor or cover artist worth their weight would let something like this go by.

Let’s say the title of the book is supposed to be “Many Countries.” Sure, fine, whatever — not an overstimulating title, but it gets the point across. This book was called, in giant, shiny letters, “MANY COUNTRY’S” Not only did they get the plural wrong, they added that supremely annoying, completely incorrect POSSESSIVE. Between those two things together becoming more and more common, I think I’ve ground my teeth to dull nubs.

Many country’s shitty fucking writers who can’t even follow elementary style rules on the cover of a damn BOOK? That’s the first thing a reader sees! How many people are going to see that glaring error on the cover of a book and go, “Oh yeah, give me some of that! I bet the rest of the book is polished like a bestselling classic!”

Unless they are completely ignorant of the same rule? None.


Editors Are Actually Your Friend!

I’m grouchy after all that stuffing of words into my freelance piece. Seriously, I was up half the night adding fluff that didn’t sound like fluff just to make it to the word count. ARGH. Now I’m going to take the day off and just veg. I need to post something that isn’t just griping about shitty writers!

The TITLE! On the COVER!

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