I haven’t done a review in a while!

Published February 24, 2016 by The Author

GoddessGoddess by Kelly Gardiner

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The character of La Maupin is fascinating, but something about this book never… gets into her, somehow. It’s very lovely and lyrical, but the tale it tells is too thin and surface to serve as a colorful life story as told by a great bon vivant on her deathbed to a staid little monk. It made me feel like I needed to go out and find a more biographical work to fill in the holes, and a book like this shouldn’t have left so much unsaid.

Although maybe that’s the way many of us would tell our stories on our deathbed. Even writers can’t remember everything…

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I have to find a new home for my bats/moons that I usually use to review, but if I had them, this would be three/five batty moons. Not a bad read if you’re looking for something different, but I wish it would have explored more deeply her bisexuality and transvestism!

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