Say hello to Shel, From my untitled WIP, for #MFRWHooks

Published May 18, 2016 by The Author

Book Hooks is a weekly meme hosted by Marketing for Romance Writers as part of the MFRW Authors Blog. It’s a chance each week to hook readers on your current WIP or any previously published book. By sharing samples of your writing in a meme, readers will have the chance to jump from one author to another. Here’s your opportunity to hook some new readers!

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This is from the first in a planned series about hot werewolves on bikes — with smexy tastes as individual as their fuzzy wolf coats. Something to scratch every itch!

This is from the As Yet Untitled, Shel/Ryder’s Story. No Cover yet, but this is Ryder’s Harley:

Ryder's Bike

We actually won’t be meeting Ryder this week. 😦 Not enough sentences!

Scene — Shelton Heller is a beta in the Lunatic Motorcycle Club, a pack of werewolves that have banded together by choice, not blood. In this scene, Shel “shel” Heller is sulking about his punishment for getting into trouble and losing his Harley at a rally last year. 

As far as punishments went, it could be worse. The Lunatics might be a pack of choice, but there were rules. “Don’t get arrested,” and “Don’t lose or possibly gamble your bike away,” were two of the big ones.

It made his hackles rise a little, and half-wish that he weren’t a fairly young beta not ready to challenge any of the big wolves, let alone Jarek. As the Alpha of the their pack, and the leader of the Lunatic MC across the world, he had to take on all comers for his position. Jarek didn’t fight a lot anymore; his reputation proceeded him. But Shel had heard dozens of stories about such battles, and the grisly fate of most challengers.

Shel might have his tail between his tail right now, but at least he still had it.

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