#FF Feature & Follow Friday! Why I love UF & PR.

Published May 20, 2016 by The Author


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submitted by Diane @ Diane’s Book Blog

(Sorry in advance to TWILIGHT fans! I don’t judge you or your taste! I just have a thing.)

This should be easy, right? I mean, I read so much PNR and UF (paranormal romance and urban fantasy), I should know why right off the top of my head. Yeah, well, I just take my genres for granted these days, cruising through them like I would starve if I didn’t. Sometimes I have to force myself to take a break with another kind of book just to save myself from going completely off the rails and starting to think our sexy monsters are real or something. (not really).

Besides, this will be a good exercise for when people ask me, “Ugh, how can you read that stuff? Twilight was crap!” After I finish beating them with a first edition hard cover of INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE, I can share this list.

These, obviously, are my opinions, not judgments (except on Twilight) or laws or something.

10. Extraordinary situations where anything goes — when you live in a world of monsters and magic, thrillers, murder, mysteries, a lot of general contemporary stuff gets a lot more exciting!

9. Nighttime — I am a dedicated night owl, and have been all of my life. I love that a lot of the action in PNR and UF happens at night.

8. Mis-matched or star-crossed soulmates… but at least with happy or hopeful endings. –Look, I loves me some angst and brooding. A LOT. But there needs to be some serious love and hopefully sexing for me to be satisfied.

7.Taking old character types and giving them all kinds of new polish. — The genres take played out species, and the best writers either make them new again, or make you love them anyway. VAMPIRES 4EVA! (Not the twinkly kind.)

6. I still believe some of the best imaginations are writing paranormals of various stripes.

5. They have been sustaining me — and inspiring me to write — for a long time. During many health crises and down times, a good journey into a dark world could really do the trick to distract me.

4. The SEX! I love my fiction various degrees of smutty, from deeply sensual to SMOKING. Paranormal heroes and heroines just DO it for me.

3. The use of history — I think this is mainly vampires and other immortal beings (or stories set at various periods). I adore fish out of water stories, and I think vampires sort of baffled by the modern world are my favorite. Of course they need a hot love interest to show them away! Or vice versa, if she ends up in his world.

2. These don’t have to be dark — there are lots of books and stories with paranormal characters that are hilarious!

NUMBER ONE: Did I mention vampires already? I’ve been obsessed with them since I was about 7 years old. It was all Anne Rice’s fault. I read the forbidden fruit that was INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, and I was doomed. Do you know that first edition hardcover is worth about $27,000 today? Yow. I wish I owned one. Not that I would EVER sell it.

This was fun! I’ll try to remember to post sooner next week!

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4 comments on “#FF Feature & Follow Friday! Why I love UF & PR.

  • I adore the PNR and UF genres. Fantasy takes the crown but they’re definitely up there. Haven’t read Interview With a Vampire, sadly (though I have a copy on my shelves that I picked up last year). One of these days I’ll get around to it…

    Happy reading, and thanks for stopping by!

    Austine @ NovelKnight

    • Oh, you must read The Vampire Chronicles someday. They’re not exactly PNR or UF, but they’re definitely the goddess-mother of our modern vampire heroes!

      Thank you for stopping by!

    • I love Anne Rice. I met her years ago at a signing (for Servant of the Bone — I didn’t think to bring my Vampire Chronicles books with me! We stood in line for hours, but it was so worth it. I was completely starstruck and said something idiotic about whether her hand was tired, but she was so gracious! Love, love, love.

      I wouldn’t be the vampire fan, reader, or writer I am today if it wasn’t for Lady Rice!

      My favorite in the series is actually Tale of the Body Thief. I loves me some Lestat!

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