#MFRWHooks – A little peak at my UF novel, THE VEIL

Published May 25, 2016 by The Author

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The world was a very different place today than it was when he was human, thanks to that catastrophe. In 2118, a group of terrorists calling themselves The New Day reported to the world that they were in possession of an anti‐matter device, and demanded the release of thousands of the worldʹs most dangerous criminals to keep them from detonating it and getting the planet sucked into a black hole. Naturally, the world governments stuck by their standard ʺwe donʹt negotiate with terroristsʺ, mostly because they didnʹt believe The New Day or anyone else was actually capable of building an operational anti‐matter weapon.

Two days later, they found out the hard way just how wrong they were.

The New Dayʹs weapon tore a rift in reality that spread around the planet like a new equator, but rather than sucking the planet inside out, they opened a passage to another world.

A world where evil bred, thrived, and looked for ways to cross over to the mortal plane. And the result, to the horror of The New Day, right along with the rest of humanity, was a deluge of nightmares. Literally.

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Five centuries ago, terrorists tore open the fabric of reality, revealing a world of nightmares on the other side. After decades of war, a union of wizards and witches built a barrier to keep the monsters in their rightful home.

They called it THE VEIL.

Vampire Detective Devon Harrigan and pampered human priestess Helene Du Solaire can’t deny the instant attraction between them, or that indulging it could have devastating consequences. A serial killer threatens to tear down the Veil and release Hell on Earth once more, and Helene is the key to his deadly plan.

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