#FF Feature & Follow Friday! Most Memorable Bookish Moments

Published June 3, 2016 by The Author


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I Heart Reading

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Wow, interesting! That’s tough, because I suspect what’s “interesting” to me might not be to other people. I think I’ll go for “memorable,” and let myself be subjective.

In no particular order:

  1. I stood in line for hours once to see Anne Rice and get my copy of SERVANT OF THE BONES signed. (I have no idea why I didn’t bring any of my Vampire Chronicles books, since they are my favorite.) I was so starstruck when I got to the front of the line (she was lovely, by the way), all I could do was squeak: “Isn’t your hand tired?” *headdesk* But she was so gracious — she smiled and said, “I don’t mind.” LOVE!

The original cover I have.

2, The first time I finished an original novel. It wasn’t CLOSE to publishable: it was mediocre writing at best, derivative, and total Mary Sue wish fulfillment. I only wrote it to see if I could, and my beta readers had fun. I felt such an incredible sense of fulfillment, and I knew I could take a crack at this crazy writing life.

3.When I was still unpublished, I  used to enter my first marketable novel (which I tried to sell a couple of times to the Big Houses back in the day, but they didn’t buy it. I WAS lucky enough to get personalized rejections from both!) into contests. I was a finalist, but I almost SQUEE-ed myself deaf when I WON! It was years ago, but I still have the framed certificate up on the wall with my diplomas.

4.The first piece I ever sold was THE VEIL, and it was purchased by a brand new small press to be published as a serial. Unfortunately, the publisher went under before it was released, but just that first acceptance email was such a jolt of happiness to my system, it might have even been a prouder moment than graduating from college with honors and a full ride to grad school.

5.The first thing I ever published was a pair of connected short stories published by Freya’s Bower, called “Sword of Regret.” They became a bestseller, and to this day, I just love those stories. Seeing my first stories actually for sale — and SELLING — was an amazing sensation. One that was equaled every time I sold something else.


I wanted to talk about some of my most memorable moments as a reader, but I read SO MUCH, many of the great books I’ve read aren’t clear in my memory anymore (I’m getting old). But I know for sure that INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE by Anne Rice, OUTLANDER by Diana Gabaldon, NIGHT PLEASURES by Sherrilyn Kenyon, and DEAD WITCH WALKING by Kim Harrison all gave me so much pleasure — and are frequently re-read today — that when people ask about my influences, I name those books — and the series that followed them. (Along with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That was where it all started. :D)

And of course, I’ve been read to or reading pretty much since my eyes opened. I loved fairy tales, books I inherited from my mom and grandparents (like THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS), and pretty much anything in Golden Book form. Oh, and I can’t forget WINNIE THE POOH! I devoured every single story with him in it faster than they could be produced. I’ve owned a stuffed Pooh since I was two years old. My current friend is Pooh #2, and I think I’ve had him for about 35 years. I lost the original in a fire during my early 20’s (RIP, Pooh #1. 😦 )


It’s such a pretentious word, but I always call myself a bibliophile — someone who loves books. But it’s more than that. I love words. I love the smooth flow of language, I love  how words have the power to make you laugh, make you cry, make you fall in love, and of course I adore putting them together to tell a story. I’m actually a LOGOPHILE. Yeah, that’s actually a really obscure word!

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9 comments on “#FF Feature & Follow Friday! Most Memorable Bookish Moments

    • Thank you for following! SERVANT OF THE BONES wasn’t even her best book, but the signed first edition fetches up to $100 now — 4x what I paid for it in the 90’s. Not that I would EVER sell it.

      I’m lucky I’m a reading junkie, otherwise I would just keep reading the OUTLANDER series over and over again until Diana put out the next one (which is almost 4 years these days!).

    • For some people who are used to more modern vamp stories, they can be an acquired taste. But if you like a more gothic tale, then you can’t go wrong with Anne!

      Just posted MY late FF for this week! LOL

      Thanks for stopping by, Alison!

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