Batty Book Review: MIDNIGHT REDEEMER by Nancy Gideon

Published June 4, 2016 by The Author

Disclaimer: A review copy was provided by Netgalley and the publisher for an honest review. No other remuneration was received.



ISBN: 9781610260633

Author:Nancy Gideon

Series: Midnight #6

Publisher: Belle Books/Imajinn

Category: Paranormal Romance

Main Characters: Stacy/Louis

Author’s Website:

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Source: Review copy provided by NetGalley, ebook format



A terrific 3 1/2 Batty Moons! (It’s actually like, 3.75, but I don’t have the right moons.)



Will his dream . . .

Centuries-old vampire Louis Redman is desperate to believe an inquisitive researcher’s claim that she’s close to finding a cure for his age-old curse. Determined to become human again, he must trust the lovely geneticist who has pushed her way into his guarded life . . . and heart . . . not to betray him to the government agency that wants to uncover his secrets for their own purposes.

. . . be the death of her?

Scientist Stacy Kimball discovers potential fame and the answer to immortality in a murder victim’s blood sample. But as she gets closer to the truth, danger stalks her from the shadows. Who wants to silence her from making the breakthrough of a lifetime? Is it the agency that funds her work? The killer who’s terrorizing Seattle’s night scene?

Or the mysterious Louis Redman, whose kisses seduce her beyond caring . . . ?



Heather’s Review:

I was furnished with a copy by Netgalley and the publisher for an honest review. Then I realized I already owned it in paperback! 😀

This is a classic book, first published during the dawn of the paranormal romance era. I used to gobble up everything Imajinn Books put out, and as I read the first few chapters of the Kindle version being re-released by BelleBooks, I immediately realized that I read this story before! I bought it in paperback way back in the 90’s, and it’s still a fun read today. Back then a lot of paranormal romance was dark, gritty, and pretty melodramatic. Those tropes are more likely to be seen in urban fantasy today.

This story harkens back to the dark, brooding vampire searching for salvation from a smart but incredibly sexy woman that drew me into the genre, and I still have a love for it today.

I always enjoy stories where the heroine does a lot of the saving, or at least that the hero and heroine save each other — literally and metaphorically. This is an older story, so Stacy isn’t what we’ve gotten used to in urban fantasy: a kickass heroine in leather armed to the teeth with super powers, super skills, and/or awesome weapons. She is a smart lady and a successful geneticist, which is nothing to scoff at.

Louis, of course, is also of the old school. Hot, sexy, and oh, so tortured. He hit ALL my vampire buttons. Oh, and the classic “wants to be human” story, which has also mostly disappeared from paranormal stories. I still love them, which is why I go back to some of the early novels I bought back in the day. (I keep saying that like it was a million years ago. OMG IT WAS AROUND 20!!!)

The come-here-go-away in this story didn’t annoy me as it so often does. It felt organic and completely understandable considering the characterization of Stacy and Louis. It also didn’t go on so long that it stopped being titillating and started being annoying, which happens a lot.

The outside conflict was interesting in its own right. A good mystery with some decent red herrings, the questions about who was the threat go on right until the end. The leads’ meet cute in the beginning was neat… although I definitely wouldn’t want to have a bucket of animal blood thrown over me in order to meet the love of my life. But hey, what do you expect from vampire love?

Best of all, for me, was one of those great stories where the heroine has no idea that the supernatural exists, and has to learn all about vampires from scratch. It affords a terrific chance to immerse yourself in an author’s mythology. Another thing you don’t see as much these days. Urban fantasy has made us kind of jaded in that respect. Not that I don’t keep gobbling it up anyway!

I really enjoyed this story — AGAIN. The only thing that took a tiny bit away from it was that I never noticed in the past that Ms. Gideon sort of sex-kittenized Stacy, as if to remind the reader that just because she was mui brainy didn’t mean she didn’t like to get a little… or a lot. But then, I’m a life-long lover of smut, so… it was just a little blip. I doubt she’d re-write it exactly the same today.

Still, I have to recommend this story, for everyone that likes a good PNR with some creepy action, or any tried and true vampire fan.


3.5-full-moons  3 1/2 pleased as punch batty moons!


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