Batty Book Review: PRIDE’S SPELL by Matt Wallace

Published June 19, 2016 by The Author

Disclaimer: A review copy was provided by Netgalley and the publisher for an honest review. No other remuneration was received.

Author:Matt Wallace
ISBN: 9780765390011
Series: Sin du Jour
Publisher: Macmillan-Tor/Forge
Category: Well, the publisher says Sci-Fi/Fantasy, but I’d call it Horror/Humor/Action/WTF?
Main Characters: The crew of Sin Du Jour, and an insane cast of truly twisted and wild guest stars
Author’s Website:
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Source: Review copy provided by NetGalley, ebook format


4-full-moons A blown mind  & 4 Batty Moons!


The team at Sin du Jour—New York’s exclusive caterers-to-the-damned—find themselves up against their toughest challenge, yet when they’re lured out west to prepare a feast in the most forbidding place in America: Hollywood, where false gods rule supreme.

Meanwhile, back at home, Ritter is attacked at home by the strangest hit-squad the world has ever seen, and the team must pull out all the stops if they’re to prevent themselves from being offered up as the main course in a feast they normally provide

Starring: The Prince of Lies, Lena Tarr, Darren Vargas. With Byron Luck. Introducing: the Easter Bunny.


Heather’s Review:

Well, those who have been playing the Batty Book Reviews Home Game know that I’ve read quite a few books that were mid-series this summer. PRIDE’S SPELL is another one of those — the third book in Matt Wallace’s Sin Du Jour series. This time, however, I did feel like I needed to read the other books in the series first. I could still follow the plot, and got a general idea of the characters, but I kept feeling like I needed more background to really appreciate what was happening to them here.

So first, I’ll recommend reading the other books in the Sin Du Jour series before you read PRIDE’S SPELL: Book 1 – ENVY OF ANGELS and Book 2 – LUSTLOCKED, plus a short story between Book 2 & 3, SMALL WARS.

NOW. My thoughts. The initial reaction? W.T.F. In a good way. I love mind screw books, and PRIDE’S SPELL just had me going: Well. That happened. Also in a good way. Every scene was a completely bat guano roller coaster ride.The characters are probably the most colorful bunch I can remember in recent reading times. And the antagonists? The conflicts? I was just… completely… I don’t even have a word for the entities that threaten the day, and the gigantic twist at the end which made me laugh out loud and shed a tear all at once.

Suffice it to say, you won’t regret reading this series. You also will never think about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, shih tzus, or “epic deserts” ever again!

I’m adding the rest of the series to my TBR, and I give PRIDE’S SPELL:

4-full-moons 4 happy happy batty moons!


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