Batty Book Review: ONLY FOR A NIGHT by Naima Simone

Published June 27, 2016 by The Author

Disclaimer: A review copy was provided by Netgalley and the publisher for an honest review. No other remuneration was received.


Book Title
Author: Naima Simone
ISBN: 9781633756359
Series: Lick
Publisher: Entangled: Scorched
Category: Romance/Erotica
Author’s Website
Release Date: May 30, 2016
Main Characters: Harper/Rion

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Source: ARC provided by NetGalley, ebook format


4-full-moons 4 Batty Moons!


Rion Ward fought hard to be free of the Irish mob life. Now, as the co-owner of Boston’s hottest aphrodisiac club, he’s traded crime for the ultimate sexual fantasy. But when the “good girl” from his past walks through Lick’s doors, he discovers that his unconsummated hunger for her never abated.

Widowed for two years from a man who felt that anything besides the missionary position was dirty, Harper Shaw is ready to move on. The first step to feeling alive again is sex. Hot, dirty, black-out-from-orgasm sex. And who better to provide it than the brooding, sexy, tatted bad boy-turned-man she’s known for years?

Rion, however, has one stipulation: He’ll be hers only for one night. One night to explore her every fantasy. One night to push her limits. One night to introduce her to a passion that makes both doubt if it will be enough…


Heather’s Review:

The first two things I wanted to say when I finished ONLY FOR A NIGHT were: “WOW that was hot,” and “That was really well written for erotic romance.”

The former is very true, but it was the latter I wanted to address a bit more. Overall, I don’t think it’s fair to say something like, “That was really well written for erotic romance.” The implication being that most erotic romance is poorly written, which is not true. It’s that old issue of sheer volume diluting quality. Like the way that my beloved vampire romance suffered badly from the deluge of post-Twitlight crap, erotica (and BDSM especially) have suffered from Fifty Shades of Bleh mania. When something becomes uber-popular, it becomes THE thing in publishing, and suddenly everybody is writing one. What happens then is that the majority of stuff that comes out is utter garbage. That’s why I don’t read it (erotica–I’ll be wading through bad vampire books until I die) much anymore unless I’m familiar with the writer or it’s recommended by someone whose taste I trust.

SO my point is, ONLY FOR A NIGHT is very well written. Period. AND it’s freaking hot. I have pretty specific kinks when it comes to a story that really turns me on. A book  can be objectively hot for me without being a turn-on. This one actually pushed my buttons, which really took me by surprise! It’s not exactly vanilla, but it’s quite a bit tamer than the hardcore stuff I usually enjoy. It has a nice, mild level of kink, for people who aren’t into B&D, spanking, stuff that’s become very popular, but it’s not just a man and a woman in bed, either (not that that can’t be hot). I won’t spoil what the central story kinks here are, but I think most people who like erotic romance would be okay with them.

I tend not to be terribly turned on by “just” m/f or m/f/m (I prefer it when the men are involved with each other, too), but the way this book did it was finger lickin’ good. A big part of the turn-on for me is something very few erotica writers do well: dirty talk. I mean, get down in the mud, filthy, need-a-shower-after language. There’s lots of it in porny-porn, but that’s missing a level of intimacy that you find more erotic romance (not that there’s anything wrong with that. *G*) When most erotic romance writers try to do dirty talk, it usually falls flat, and sounds gross and disrespectful instead of fun and hot.

The problem with dirty talk is that there have to be specific circumstances for it to really work. The setting and kind of the sex have to call for it, it has to suit the character doing the dirty talking, and unless it’s BDSM with humiliation, it has to draw some pretty strict lines as to what’s said. In my opinion, Ms. Simone really nailed it (heh) for me in this one. She did it by balancing those circumstances I noted above really well. The setting, the timbre of the sex, and most of all, the character really made the dirty talk fit. Now, that’s because it was the rough and ready, street-wise, experienced hero who did the dirty talk. The heroine was less experienced, shy, and just learning to spread her sexual wings. If she had just started spewing dirty talk, it would have sounded wrong.

I remember a book I read not long ago, where the general tone of the attraction and sex was soft, romantic, sort of squishy. Then, all of a sudden, he’s calling her a dirty whore, and she’s begging for his big fat cock, and well, let’s just say it actually shocked me. Not because of what they said, but because it was said by those characters in that setting at all. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. This book? RIGHT.

ONLY FOR A NIGHT is a fairly quick read, but its heat level, the warm heart at it’s center (I shed a couple of tears — when does that ever happen in erotica? Not often, unless it’s really well written– and sighed contentedly at the end. I’m really glad that, once again, I moved outside my usual genre borders and gave it a chance. I give it:

4-full-moons 4 SWEATY, BATTY MOONS!


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