#2016TBRPile The 2016 TBR Pile Reading Challenge!

Published July 13, 2016 by The Author

Before we get down to the business of making promises we can’t keep, I wanted to let you know I’ve started an AUTHOR NEWSLETTER! Once a month, the MONTHLY MUSE will land in your mailbox, carrying writer tips, quotes, and articles about writing, reading, and books. Oh, and news about freebies, giveaways, events, and my projects, of course!

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I didn’t join any at the beginning of the year, because I wasn’t certain how much I would actually be reading. But now, I’ve already read 40 books in only a few months, I think it’s time that I tackle my TBR and challenge myself to finally chop into some of those popular PNR/UF  series I’ve missed over the past couple of years!

This is long, so read on after the cut!

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The Rules say nothing in the challenge should be a 2016 release, but… I have to attack what I can on this monster of a list. Next year I’ll try to start from the OLDEST on my TBR, how about that?

I have a sad and depressing confession to make: I am a compulsive TBR adder. Every book I see on my extensive web travels that even vaguely interests me, I add to my Goodreads To-Read List.

That list mocks and derides me every time I’m on my Goodreads page.Want to know why?

IT CONTAINS 903 BOOKS AND COUNTING. If I read 50 books a year, it would take SIXTEEN YEARS to clear it up as it stands. And that’s assuming I NEVER ADD ANOTHER BOOK, and ONLY READ BOOKS ON MY TBR. We all know that is  never going to happen.

But maybe I can chop a few off this year. I plan on reading 11-20 books for this challenge, which is “A Friendly Hug” level.

These are the books–and series–I’m (tentatively) planning to read this year:


If books are the first in a series, my goal is to read that series. I’m horrified the number of fantastic PNR/UF fantasies I’ve missed in the past few years! Some of the above are from series, but I’m not including them below because I’m just catching up, not starting from scratch.

Series I want to read:


I can’t imagine that I’ll catch up with all these series in a year, so you’ll probably see them again next year.

I’d like to add a lot more, but with my writing, release, and review schedule, I’m pretty much only reading ARC’s and other review books. But if there’s more time, I’ll add some from the oldest parts of my To Read list on Goodreads!

These are what I’ve read so far:



4 comments on “#2016TBRPile The 2016 TBR Pile Reading Challenge!

    • LOL I know! Or when you were just complaining about your bottomless TBR, but then you read a review or an interview about a new book or series, or something you missed, and you HAVE to add it to your list IMMEDIATELY!

  • Oo some good ones on that list. LOL at the tbr pile adder. I changed how I do mine a while back because I had SO many on Goodreads. Now the ones I add to my Goodreads tbr pile are only authors I’ve read or series I’m currently reading and need to get to. Anything else gets added to my Amazon wishlist. Made Goodreads a spot less intimidating for sure. lol Good luck with your challenge!

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