#FF Follow & Feature Friday: My favorite character archetype!

Published July 15, 2016 by The Author


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What is your favorite character archetype(s)?

I am unashamed (and probably not revealing anything new to most of you) to admit that my favorite character archetype remains the dark, stoic, tragic, broody, wounded/broken, haunted, self-loathing/at least feeling not quite worthy of the heroine/hero, always on the edge of snapping, with a secret heart of gold, alpha (but not alpha-hole, or maybe not a LOT alpha-hole) male. Vampire is best, but these days I’ll even take a well-drawn dark & gritty human. Other supernaturals are always welcome.

FYI, when I talk about the alpha-hole, I’m talking about the complete jerk who has to “mark,” “possess,” or otherwise just *take* the hero/ine, without any real regard for what she wants or desire to know her as an individual being. I really can’t stand that long-standing paranormal trope about pre-destined “mates” or whatever, cheating around the need to actually develop a relationship. It’s the paranormal equivalent of “insta-love.” Insta-lust, insta-infatuation, insta-admiration/respect, sure. That’s what we actually feel when we meet someone for the first time. I don’t believe that real love happens that quickly. Of course, we have to truncate it for fiction somewhat, but I prefer the “at first they hated each other” trope to the “destined mates” trope. And I REALLY hate the alpha who all but rapes the hero/ine because they “can’t” control themselves in the grips of the MATING. Ugh.

I need my alpha to be tough, maybe even hard and angry on the outside, but ultimately sensitive, a little lost, and soft on the inside. He has to consider the hero/ine his equal or superior, his partner in life and love. And crazy paranormal adventure!

My First Great Broody Love
200b 200 (2)
Tragic. Not tragic. Still Funny.

Oh, Angel. *sigh*

Although I loved Lestat first (I read INTERVIEW when I had to use a foot stool to reach it on the shelf), and a few incarnations of Dracula second, Lestat was only broody sometimes. And Dracula could be broody or not, depending on the tone of the TV show or movie (i.e. the director), and who was playing him. But that’s another discussion for another LONG post!

Sadly, my other great love, the snarky, kick-ass, pop-culture-reference-spouting heroine has gotten a bit rusty. Only a really good writer, or an established character does it for me anymore. We need some more original heroines! Right now I don’t really have a favorite archetype. I just look for a smart, strong, funny woman (or man, in m/m).

One of my favorite heroines lately was Dru in IT HAPPENED ONE DOOMSDAY by Laurence MacNaughton. She wasn’t sure of herself. She was a little, okay, a lot, geeky. She didn’t think she was very powerful or worth the attention of the kind of man she wanted. But she discovered, when pushed to it, that she was very powerful, and that she was not only worthy of the man she wanted, she was cared for by one who was a better match for her. Who literally helped her become more.  She came into herself without changing, if you understand what I mean. She was still that woman we met in the beginning, but in possession of her power.

Reading some other posts today, I’m reminded how much I love the anti-hero and the REALLY reluctant hero, as well. Han Solo was my first, then Lestat, and onward to Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool and Noomi Rapace’s Lisbeth Salander (goddess, I love that woman!), among others.


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7 comments on “#FF Follow & Feature Friday: My favorite character archetype!

  • Yes, this, 100% on your description of the ideal alpha male. I HATE when the book basically skips the character/relationship building and says, “OK, these two are in love. Because I said so.” It doesn’t make any sense and no one can relate to it. (Sorry if this message posts twice, the internet is being stupid)

  • Nope! I only got it once!

    I suspect a lot of subgenres of romance, and pretty much anything with romantic elements suffers when you just throw two strangers together and declare insta-love. It’s one of the problems with HEA (I suffer from it in my writing, too). You’re expected to get there in romance, and the signs of HEA have to be declarations of love, marriage, and/or pregnancy. Unless the book spans a good chunk of time, or is part of series, that just doesn’t work. I’d be willing to bet that’s where the HFN came from. You can say they have strong emotions for each other without having to say, oh, hey, look, they’re in love after a week!

    I’ll stop blabbing now. Thank you for coming by and commenting!


  • Yes, yes, I’m in complete agreement with you. I love those types of characters so much and it makes me feel less like a psychopath (who roots for the almost awful bad guys or seriously selfish guys?!?!?!) that I’m not the only one who loves these characters!!!

    • They’re just more *interesting* to me than the straight up hero. I mean, to put it in superhero terms, I have nothing against Superman, but Deadpool is more my style (I love that movie) or Batman, if you don’t know Deadpool.

      I love Buffy, for example, but she wouldn’t have been so relatable if it wasn’t for her flaws!

      We might be psychos, but we’re psychos together. 😀

      Thank you for stopping by!

  • Yes! Its interesting that you mention not caring for “instal-love” I agree it is cheating the characters into developing a true relationship with one another and not having to rely on a bond of some type. I want to see conflict, character growth, and drama in relationships/story!

    Oddly enough, I’m reading Judgement of the Six series by Melissa Haag, and the whole series so far revolves around six psychics “instal-love” on Werewolves. Of course all six of the psychics don’t want to be mated to them. It’s really taking away a lot of fun, conflict, and drama the story could have.

    Thank you for being so awesome and welcoming to the hop! Thanks for following and comments on my blog. I’m following you on Goodreads and Twitter!

    • I’ve dropped a few popular vampire series and gotten a little burned out on werewolves because of the “fated mate” thing. In fact, one PNR series that’s considered one of the “classics” really turned me off when one of the “heroes” pretty much raped the heroine because their fated matey-ness drove him insane. I mean, she was trying to fight him off and screaming, “No! Stop! I don’t want youi!” the whole time. What the huh? People think that’s hot? I never bought another book by that author.

      I’m glad to see new, thinky people on the hop! I’m so nosy, I always want to hear what people say on all matters bookish!

      Thank you for coming by to comment!

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