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T.DblLTBuckheadurban novel

The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead
Miriam Pia

Genre: urban fiction, magical realism, crime fiction, mystery
Publisher: SBPRA
Date of Publication:  2015
ISBN: 978-1628572254
Number of pages:300
Word Count: 95,000

Book Description:

Frustrated by the audacity of local villains, the sheriff of Marion County turns to the mayor. Urban fiction set in a real city, The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead takes some of the charm of vigilante comic book heroism and mixes it with the nitty gritty of contemporary crime fiction.

A band of champions searches for the missing pieces in the evil plot of a local drug kingpin in The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead: An Adventure in Indianapolis.

Ideal for those who love events of the outside world and the workings of the mind – characters’ actions and thoughts are portrayed in this contemporary novel – with just a touch of magic.

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Hail, and welcome. 

Clearly, you came here looking for adventure, and I certainly won’t deny you that.  I don’t know what sized town or city you are used to living in, but The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead in set in Indianapolis.  The whole thing about Indianapolis is that it is a big city, but not a giant city.  It deals with being a Midwestern city rather than having the glamor of some of the other parts of the nation.

Hence, our story begins:  Indianapolis was striving to become a big city that New Yorkers no longer laughed at.  Chicago and sometimes Detroit managed to achieve that, has Indianapolis?

With much of the sparkle of a big city, and all the attractions of city life that those who flee small towns are hoping for, Indianapolis is often a great middle ground between living in a small city or a town and Megalopolis.

Every location has it’s pros and cons:  Indianapolis, at least between 1980 and 20XX suffers from meth amphetamine drug crime to varying degrees.  Embarrassing as that is, that problem proved to be the inspiration for the plot of The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead.

Double Lives

I have always been fascinated by ‘double lives’ as a concept.  It started out at work – there are natural boundaries between our public and private selves.  In extreme cases, the difference amounts to a double life.  Do you lead a double life?  Do any of your friends?  Maybe no one you know even does but you experience fear, perhaps, of being ‘found out’ – the contrast between your public and your private self.

Tutweiler Buckhead

Named after the glamorous upscale neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia, Tutweiler Buckhead keeps his work life separate from his private life, at least most of the time.  He is a well dressed man.  He is a corporate executive.  He is an administrator, a manager.  He is a handsome, respectable man.  He is urban and urbane.

No one would suspect.

Suspect what?

Read the novel and see.

About the Author:miriampia

Miriam Pia has been writing for decades, including over ten years as a professional.  Most
of her work was done without a byline and as a ghostwriter.  This is the author’s first published novel.


Thanks, Mia, for stopping by today! The book sounds great–good luck!








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