So another year is coming to a close…My Year in Books

Published December 31, 2016 by The Author


Check out my Year In Books on Goodreads!

I really wanted to be able to show all the cool stats, covers and stuff here, but there was no way to do it. So click the link. It was a rocking year for reading!

2016 has been a REALLY crazy year, I think everybody can agree — a total roller coaster ride. I think I’ve finally figured out my productivity cycle, however: The first third of the year, I’m sort of warming up getting into writing. Sketching out stories I want to write for the year, trying to set some deadlines, deciding where I might submit them for publishing, etc. Plus trying to get some of the freelance work available, which tends to be thin on the vine this time of year.

Around March or so, I get an almost manic rush of energy and motivation. I start writing hardcore. I also start reading and reviewing everything I can get my hands on. I learned this year that I can REALLY overdo it. I got so burnt out by September or October, that I could barely keep up anymore. I know some reviews I promised much have fallen through the cracks, which is not cool.

I eventually just stopped taking on reviews, stopped blogging here, and worse, stopped writing. Now I know from March-October is my high energy time, but I really need to learn to pace myself! I have to work year-round, but know I can get the most done during that six-month period.

After the high productivity time is over, I may still be writing (next year, my goal is to do Nano, and possibly Camp NaNo in July — it depends. I’ll be having surgery in April, so we’ll see how I recover after that.), but the last two months of the year, I consider my free time, when I read what I really want at the speed I want. I still review them, but they’re more casual reviews: SQUEES or bleh’s instead of really in-depth analysis. It’s a re-charging time until I start the cycle over again.

I don’t really do “resolutions,” they tend to be too gimmicky, and easy to let go. I prefer setting goals & dreaming dreams — the latter being things I would love to get to, but fully understand I might not. I’m keeping my goals simple this year:

  • One novel-length f/m
  • One novel-length m/m

My 2017 dream would be to launch my series, The Ravenfell Convergence. I have a short prequel done, but I don’t really want to set it up until there’s a full length novel finished for it.

The m/m novel I really want to write is something I started researching and setting up earlier this year, but that just got buried under freelance work.

Let’s see what the new year brings!

What are your goals and dreams for 2017?

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