About Me

Vampire Me!

Totally what I look like! Actually, the hair isn’t far off.

Welcome to This Writer’s Madness!

I’m Heather, A freelance writer and novelist from the great formerly snowy tundra of Upstate New York (You would think that was a good thing, right? I used to drive home from work in three or four feet of snow late at night. However, we’ve now traded buried winters for summers so hot, we can’t go outside.). Writing isn’t just a job or a hobby for me, it is an Need. Hence “Bloodthirsty Muses” — they DEMAND obedience, or else!

I mean, what other socially acceptable way is there to listen to the voices in your head and sometimes put on little skits with imaginary people/creatures?

I have a broad range of interests, and I’m the kind of geek who loves to research and learn new things, which explains why I write so many different kinds of freelance projects. I read voraciously, also in a wild variety of genres. My local librarian can always recognize one of my reserve piles! I read and review books for a number of places, including Netgalley, Eidelweiss, and several book tour companies. That way I get to read all kinds of books–FOR FREE!

I’m a long-time student of Yoga and Buddhism (both of which I’m rubbish at), as well as continuing my studies in literature (I WILL someday figure out what the hell Shakespeare is talking about WITHOUT Cliff’s Notes, I swear!) I am a staunch advocate of animal and human rights as well as environmental concerns. My non-rabid vegetarianism springs from those, I think. No matter how little money I make from my writing, a portion of it goes to charity.

Now if only I could remember to save most of the rest!

I love “genre” (horror, SciFi, Fantasy) TV, movies, and books — if it’s got vampires, werewolves, or other paranormal fun in it, I’ll read it or watch it. I stand proud to be a urban fantasy and paranormal romance writer (&fan!).

Thanks for stopping by!

“It was not Monsieur Arouet, but a colleague of his—a lady novelist—who remarked to me once that writing novels was a cannibal’s art, in which one often mixed small portions of one’s friends and one’s enemies together, seasoned them with imagination, and allowed the whole to stew together into a savory concoction.”

— Jamie Fraser in Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

2 comments on “About Me

    • I’m currently geeking over Outlander. Even started a new blog called “Outlander Yammer” here on WordPress.

      What really made me follow you was your politics. I was so happy to see a fellow liberal/progressive/anti-conservative I almost cried. I rarely talk about politics on my blogs, because I have to be sensitive about my readership, but it’s nice to know that somebody I agree with is watching anyway!

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