Temporary (Although Long) Hiatus

Published May 6, 2020 by The Author
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It’s been years now since I posted here. To be honest, I haven’t been reading or writing anything for some time. My physical health has been very poor, and I am now taking care of my elderly parents as well. My creative mind was eaten alive by life.

For a long time I didn’t want to make this post — I didn’t want to even think of making it, because it hurt so much to say that I had given up. That I feared my love of books and the written word and died, and admitting that meant admitting my heart and soul had died too.

But recently, I’ve felt the pain of missing creation. It’s ironic that the pain of creation, the energy and effort of imagination that it took to bring stories into a cold, harsh world was what initially held me back from taking part in that act. Now, it’s a perpendicular pain that is bringing me back.

I’ve been t-boned by my imagination and urge to tell stories. I have a long way to go, and for now I’m going to focus on the basics reading a lot, maybe doing some reviews, sharpening up my basics, and writing for no one but myself. My Inner Edictor has been keeping the Bloodthirsty Muses locked away, and I am on a question to set them free to take over my life once again.

So this is not a goodbye post, as I feared it might become, but a farewell for now post. An ‘I’ll be back soon,’ post. So watch this space! I have had a few of my works’ rights returned to me and I’m in the process of making them available once again. I’ll also do some brief reviews of books, both fiction and non, that I have been writing, and sharing my exercises and experiences of forcing old, stiff muscles to work once again.

If you’re still reading these posts — thank you. I hope to make your wait worthwhile.

OMG I’m so excited!

Published January 5, 2017 by The Author

You may have noted in the past that I am a little bit of a Darynda Jones fangirl. I bugged out last year when I read and reviewed THE CURSE OF TENTH GRAVE. I haven’t been doing a lot of reviews in the last few months for reasons I talked about in my New Year post. So I didn’t really think I’d get approved at Netgalley to review the upcoming (SQUEE!) ELEVENTH GRAVE IN MOONLIGHT.

But I DID! SQUEEEEE! And that on top of the upcoming sequel to my favorite read of 2016, IT HAPPENED ONE DOOMSDAY by Laurence MacNaughton — A KISS BEFORE DOOMSDAY (coming July 2017). I’m going to be not only reviewing that, but doing some other events for it in June!

It’s gonna be a good reading year, ladies and gentlemen!  EEEEEeeeee!


WLK Book Promotions Tour: COP ON HER DOORSTEP by Karen Docter!

Published December 17, 2016 by The Author

Cop on Her Doorstep

(True Love In Uniform Book 1)

by Karen Docter

In the six years since her husband was killed by S.W.A.T., Carrie Padilla has spent long hours at work, rebuilding a life for herself and her son. The little time she has at home is spent keeping her eight-year-old son out of trouble, but he is all too eager to try to be the man in the house. When a handsome cop shows up on her doorstep, her errant son in tow, Carrie’s heart stutters. The sexy Italian cop sets off all kinds of bells in her system, and she knows there’s only one thing she can do to save what is left of her family, her husband’s memory, and her heart…avoid her new neighbor at all costs.

S.W.A.T. officer Jake Stefani already lost one little boy to gang violence, the dead boy’s older brother is missing, and Jake’s not about to let the same thing happen to a neighbor’s son. He drags the youngster home only to discover much more than a passing interest in the boy’s beautiful, but wary, mother. Forced to take a leave of absence after a bust goes awry, Jake can think of nothing better to occupy his time than to keep Carrie and her son safe, and locate the missing teen who holds the key to taking the gang off the streets, once and for all.

But Jake doesn’t count on his stubborn, intriguing neighbor distracting him from his job, or the passion that flares between them. He doesn’t expect her amazing son to steal a piece of his heart. Jake is ready to risk everything for Carrie, body and soul. But it’s not all up to him. If their new love is to survive, Carrie will need to be strong enough to see the man’s beating heart behind the badge, to look beyond the pain of her past, and decide that loving again is worth the risk.

(Stand Alone Novel)

ONLY 99¢

B&N Link: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/cop-on-her-doorstep-karen-docter/1122129168?ean=2940151625852

Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/cop-on-her-doorstep

All E-Romance: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-coponherdoorstep-2014481-149.html

Google Play: https://books.google.com/books?id=pl3RDAAAQBAJ&pg=PT164&dq=cop+on+her+doorstep+by+karen+docter&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi0if-drerOAhUGyGMKHY-hDeMQ6AEIHjAA#v=onepage&q=cop%20on%20her%20doorstep%20by%20karen%20docter&f=false

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/550634


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Silver Dagger Scriptorium Tours Release Tour: THE FORSAKEN CROWN by Christina Ochs!

Published December 16, 2016 by The Author



The Forsaken Crown:

A Desolate Empire Prequel

by Christina Ochs

Genre: Epic Fantasy


Sonya is a disgraced mercenary with shattered ambitions. Kendryk is a young ruler in danger of being overthrown. An unlikely pair, they must learn to trust each other to survive the turmoil ahead. But with a corrupt regent, a disloyal aristocracy, and an army in their way, the future looks grim.

The Forsaken Crown, a prequel to The Desolate Empire Series, delivers thrilling battles, devious political intrigue and compelling characters. The Forsaken Crown combines the action and excitement of the Three Musketeers with the sweeping imagery of fantasy. Readers are calling this powerful series “an all-ages Game of Thrones.”

Check inside to find out how to get a free copy of Rise of the Storm, Book One in the Desolate Empire Series.

Goodreads * Buy Link * Amazon


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Batty Book Review: QUEEN OF SHADOWS by Sarah J. Maas!

Published December 15, 2016 by The Author

Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass, #4)Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 batty moons FIVE BATTY MOONS!

This is my favorite book in the series so far! The world expands exponentially, so we see much more of the places we’ve only heard about before this. The cast also explodes, but in the most wonderful way! Villains coming out of the woodwork, surprising heroes, characters we can’t be sure about their true alliance… so MUCH starts to unfold in this book, and we’ve only just begun! This starts the action roaring ahead that we’ve been waiting for since the beginning!

What’s even more important for me is that the characters really become more multi-dimensional, more real, and I have started to have a real investment in their fate for the first time. And I’m sure I’m not at all alone when I say I love Aelin and Rowan. They crack me up, make me sigh, make me cry. He’s a brute, but not a heartless, violent brute with no heart — he shows it more and more here. Aelin is no delicate flower, damsel in distress. Quite the opposite. Sometimes she can be a little hard and heartless herself, but ultimately she and Rowan melt each other, balance each other, make one another better. That’s the kind of ship I like to see.

I’m already into #5, and I can’t wait to get to reading time every day to see what happens next!

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WLK Book Promotions: THE TRAINING HOUSE BOX SET by Eden Bradley

Published December 13, 2016 by The Author

The Training House

A BDSM Box Set

by NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Eden Bradley

Eden Bradley’s iconic kink stories GIRL, BOY and MASTER in The Training House Series are available now in print as a Box Set!

Pleasure in pain…pain in love…

They come to the Training House to become immersed in the most powerful and extreme form of submission: absolute slavehood. It is only in this formal environment, and under the strict rules of their slave contracts, that their immense yearnings can be satisfied. Or can they?

Aimée arrives with a pure slave’s heart, never expecting to find more than the fulfillment of a frightening and necessary sexual journey. Christopher has returned, as he always does. The baddest of bad slaves, he never truly expects to find anything beyond a temporary release. And then there’s the Master… Master Damon owns the Training House. His is a life of carefully followed rules, the extremes of deviant and sensual creativity, and the heavy weight of responsibility. The Training House is a dreamworld where needs are denied and met at a Master’s whims. But what happens when these rigid roles become fluid, and love is suddenly part of the game? Anyone could win—or everyone could lose it all.


THE TRAINING HOUSE Series is Eden’s hardest-core BDSM yet! More ‘erotica’ than ‘erotic romance’, there will nevertheless be a love story woven throughout these very kinky pages.



Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2hj7KLZ

B&N Link: http://tinyurl.com/zeran56

All Romance Ebooks: http://tinyurl.com/je5fupr

Amazon UK: http://tinyurl.com/h474otz
Amazon CA: http://tinyurl.com/hngaers


Enter to win A prize package of -copies of Eden’s BDSM novellas DANGEROUSLY INKED and SANCTUARY.

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New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author Eden Bradley writes dark, edgy erotica and erotic romance for Berkley Heat (as both Eden Bradley and Eve Berlin), Bantam/Delta, Harlequin Spice and HQN, and Samhain Publishing, as well as indie publishing. Two of her books have been Romantic Times Top Picks, and her novel FORBIDDEN FRUIT was profiled in Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Red Hot Reads column in 2008. More recently her BDSM book THE DARK GARDEN hit the top paperback fiction charts in the UK. She has received or been nominated for numerous awards, including the Holt Medallion and the Passionate Plume, and several of her books have been RT Book Reviews Top Picks. Her books have been translated into German, French, Romanian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Polish, Indonesian and Japanese.

As someone who has been involved in BDSM practice for much of her adult life, she relates in particular to her BDSM and kink stories, infusing them with her own truth about kink practice from her life experiences.

Eden has appeared regularly on Playboy Radio’s ‘Night Calls’ and the Hollywood In the Flesh readings. She loves art, shoes, tattoos, her Boston Terrier puppy, reading smutty books, chocolate and sex, of course, not necessarily in that order.

Author Web & Social Media links:

Website: www.EdenBradley.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EdenBradley

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorEdenBradley.EveBerlin

Eden’s FB group with authors Sierra Cartwright and Jenna Jacob: Dirty Minds Social Club: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1110214502406798/

Eden’s Pinterest boards: http://www.pinterest.com/edenandeve /

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WLK Book Book Promotions Tour: CATCH THAT SANTA by Karen Docter!

Published December 12, 2016 by The Author

Catch That Santa

A Romantic Comedy Novelette

by Karen Docter

When widow, Sara Marks, hears her Grams has gone on the lam from Happy Acres Residence on Christmas Eve – on Santa’s arm, no less — she teams up with sexy stranger, Francisco de la Vega, to chase the couple down with one thing in mind. Keep her Grams from becoming Mrs. Claus. Of course, Francisco’s grandfather is not really Santa Claus, but Grams did run off to Vegas to marry him and she’s obviously not in her right mind.

Sara leaves her seven-month-old baby, Lanie, with a friend and she and Cisco head west in the worst snowstorm in decades, chasing his grandfather’s ’57 Ford Fairlane over the river and through the woods.

Will they catch Santa and his crazy Mrs. Claus before it’s too late? Or will love stop them in their tracks?

(Novelette, approximately 17,000 words/50 pages)

ONLY 99¢


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